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Creative Agency

In the heart of London Bridge, based in a 200+ year old converted warehouse, a creative design studio needed our expertise in creating a more energising environment to engage both their team and their clients. The centre piece was a bespoke reception desk comprising of reclaimed scaffold boards and a large Corian feature that represented the mix of traditional and modern elements throughout the office space. As part of the project, we also redesigned both the kitchen & bathroom areas and created a contemporary glazed meeting room. Within the meeting space, a bespoke storage wall was installed to hide away any clutter, routed scaffold board shelves were installed to hold presentation materials and cabling was run through galvanised conduit across the exposed brickwork to give an industrial feel to the space.

Lighting played an important role in the detail of this project. A mixture of large, medium and small recessed circular lighting was installed into the MF ceiling and directional spotlights were incorporated to create light wash across feature walls such as the exposed brickwork and artwork.

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